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Hallam is a dynamic & powerful motivational speaker. His inspiring journey from young offender to successful business owner, consultant & speaker captivates and empowers audiences to live a life of purpose & fulfilment.

From 4am workouts to fatherhood, faith & entrepreneurship; Hallam’s ability to connect with individuals on a deeply personal level. Sharing his own struggles and triumphs, Hallam leaves a lasting impact on audiences and instills hope in those facing challenges or wanting to take their life or business to the next level.


Hallam captivates audiences with his powerful storytelling and practical strategies for personal and professional growth. Leveraging his own firsthand experiences to empower others to break free from the limitations of their past and embrace their purpose.


"Hallam speaks with a fiery energy and confidence that one's past does not define their future, and anyone can achieve remarkable success with the right mindset and commitment!"


"Hallam's commitment to helping others surpass their own expectations and live a life of purpose and fulfilment makes him 100% the speaker you should book for your event."

About Hallam

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